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Group photo of GCCS administrative staff

Part of our administrative team (L to R): Angeline Vanderboom (Bookkeeper), Tanya Pennings (Vice-Principal), Meghan Klein-Geltink (Office Administrator), and Karlene Patrick (Data Manager).



Our tuition policy reflects our commitment to make Christian education available at a reasonable cost, while ensuring the school has sound finances.

Guelph Community Christian School does not receive funding from the government for the operation of the school and therefore we rely upon tuition and donations to meet the operating costs of the school. Tuition fees are set every year by the Board on the advice of the finance committee and are voted on, with the budget, by the membership at the spring membership meeting.

Our rates are comparable to other schools in the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and are very family friendly when compared to other independent schools.

Tuition rates per family vary depending on the number of children enrolled and their grade levels. The net cost is also affected by two tax deductions. Based on a formula set by the federal government, a portion of family tuition fees counts as a charitable donation, and a tax receipt will be issued in the spring to reduce your income tax payable. In addition, a daycare receipt is issued for a portion which reflects non academic time, such as recess, lunch, before and after school hours.

Please contact Marvin Bierling, Principal at 519-824-8860 or if you would like more details about the tuition structure.


The Tuition Bursary Fund has been established for parents who wish to have their children enrolled at Guelph Community Christian School and do not have the means to pay the full tuition.  A Tuition Bursary is a gift of money from Guelph Community Christian School that is awarded to a family.  Family information will be kept confidential.

  • A General Bursary is available, the amount of which depends on funds available and number of applicants.
  • A Pastor's Bursary is available to those who serve as congregational leaders.

Who may Apply?  

Tuition bursaries are available to families who have students at GCCS or are considering sending their child(ren) to the school. All applications from families will be considered by the Bursary Committee until funds are exhausted.

When and How to Apply 

A Tuition Bursary Application must be submitted with the enrollment package.

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