I Am Thankful for………Volunteers

This past Monday, January 8, the first day back from the Christmas Break, I sat with the GCCS Finance Committee (a group of volunteers) in the evening. Most of the meeting focused on the first stages of the development of the budget for the school year starting in September, a mere 8 months away.

As I scan the school calendar, I notice that in the next 4 weeks the Promotion Committee is meeting and they are helping with the Family Fun Night and a Mental Health Education evening. The board is meeting. Parents are assisting with coaching hockey or basketball or coming out to help tie skates. At so many of our events there is a group of unsung heroes who make sure there is coffee and goodies available to socialize around.

Our parents volunteer so many hours that help make GCCS the great place that it is. At the same time, I want to thank the spouses of our volunteers. While someone in the house leaves to go to the next meeting or help set up the next event the other spouse stays home and likely has to do the dishes or put the kids to bed without any help. When one member of the family agrees to serve as a volunteer at the school, the task list of their spouse also increases.

Thank-you, volunteers, for all that you do for God’s school. We should all take a minute or two this week to say thank-you to a volunteer and to their spouse. At the same time, if you have gifts to offer the school as a volunteer we would love for you to offer your time and we will be sure to say thank-you.

Marvin Bierling