A Teacher’s Experience Juggling COVID and Classes

There are so many emotions connected with teaching remotely. Personally, the feeling that is consistent is missing the daily interactions with students. The students are my joy in teaching. While teaching from home, I find myself giggling as I read private and general comment questions from students. I can hear the students’ tone of voice in my mind and see their facial expressions as they ask each question. These times bring me joy and at the same time a longing to be reconnected to the community in my classroom.

Students and teachers have learned many ways to connect over the computer but the technology in between us is sometimes another hurdle to the learning. Teaching remotely has forced me to develop and refine skills necessary for teaching online. At times, this has given me great satisfaction and at other times it has caused great frustration. We talk about a learning pit in the classroom. You fall into the learning pit when you are challenged with something. After the struggle to get out of the pit, you can look back and have a sense of satisfaction in realizing that you have overcome a hardship, a difficulty, a struggle. These difficulties refine our character and make us stronger. This image can be a metaphor for this new type of learning we are all doing and it is also a metaphor for our life in general. This new way of learning is very uncomfortable at times nonetheless we are growing through it and one day we will all transfer some of these skills into the physical classroom where we will be in community again.

Jill Burton

Grade 5 Teacher