Science Fair

You Found Me – A Review of our Science Fair

This week Tuesday morning our grade 5-8 students came into the gym with a sense of accomplishment. They were ready to celebrate the completion of their projects and share them with our school. If I could bottle the sweet noise of that morning, it would contain the sounds of delight, the awe, and relief. Our students have been putting all kinds of gritty work into these projects. They have developed skills around the Scientific Method, time management, design, oral presentations, and research analysis.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning various supporting members of our community came to judge the students work. They were delighted by the variety and quality of work. The judge’s role is to give feedback and inspiration to our students. Following the morning feedback classes went through the Science Fair with their Reading Buddies.

On Wednesday night we celebrated with our whole community at an Open House. Parents, grandparents, and siblings came to encourage, learn, and share in the excitement and work of the Science Fair projects. We are grateful for all the organizing and hosting Mr. Wylie and his assistants, Mrs. Jones and Mr. Stam did for our school.

At the close of our evening Mr. Stam shared a Spoken Word Poem titled, You Found Me. This poem was written as a compilation of student reflections and put together in video form by Mr. Stam. Students, through this poem, explored the emotional and spiritual sides of science. I encourage you to view this poem and receive a sense of the awe of God from our Science Fair journey.

(For a copy of words see the notes in the link of the video on youtube.)

Fifteen of our grade 7 and 8 students have an opportunity to go on to the Waterloo Wellington Science and Engineering Fair at Bingemans on April 4th. Congratulations to the advancing students:

Hydraulic Arm – Liam Wenderoth
Hurry Up I Need Some Water – Katya VanderBerg
Keep It Fresh – Grace Edward
Ant Attraction Factor – Natalie Miners
Stressed Out – Grace Glen
Iron for Breakfast – Andrew Van Dyke
Crude Awakening – Jackson Wallace
High Voltage – Mason Plattner
Is the Monster Under the bed or in Your Head? – Mariya Elson
Kombucha, Kombu-what? – Hannah Bier
Dyeing Skittles – Jamey Klassen
Got the Munchies? – Danielle Bronsveld
Up, Up and Away – Drew VanderBerg
Tremendous Triops – Anika Koops
Why the Hype about Loops – Ben Hellinga

Tanya Pennings
Interim Principal