The foyer at Guelph Community Christian School

Salt and Light: A Note for the GCCS Community

Our Christian school is a tremendous gift and task from God. Its foundational philosophy is derived from a Biblical custom in which parents are responsible to raise their children in the tradition of their fathers and mothers—specifically the covenant of faith in God as Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of the whole world. Parents with this same passion pool their resources of time, energy, and finances to hire teachers, staff, and administrators to teach their children according to that philosophy of life at the Christian school.

Put differently, the government’s role is to protect people and maintain justice in the land. Governments should ensure that every child is given a good education; but parents have the responsibility to determine the philosophy that guides, directs, and determines the methods and goals of that education. GCCS is not peculiar in this way—there are at least 70 other schools in Ontario that are part of our family of schools—all affiliated with the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools. There are also Muslim, Jewish, and a myriad of other schools who also see education as grounded in a philosophy of life that is conversant with what is taught at home.

GCCS is a parent-run school. All parents are expected to volunteer in big and small ways to enrich the community with their time and talents. Parents and other community supporters who can stand by the constitution and vision of the school and put their name behind it can become members of the JCCS society (the name still falls under the previous name of the school—John Calvin Community School). Members have the responsibility and privilege to vote at general meetings and are eligible to serve on various committees and the Board of Directors. Board members serve three year terms and act as liaisons to various committees as well as taking on other governance roles. Their mandate is to guard, guide, and guarantee the mission and vision of the school in a sustainable, welcoming way. Daily operations remain the responsibility of staff and administration.

If you are interested in becoming more deeply involved in our school—as a parent or community supporter—please contact me or any board member listed on this web page. We have a new Strategic Plan that we are just beginning to implement this year, and it solidifies our commitment to a stable and innovative educational environment.

Our school is as rich, exciting, faithful, and creative as the parents who direct and protect it with their wisdom and skills. We want to see our children and the school be “salt and light” in our town and to the world, and by God’s grace and our obedience to his life-giving ways, we are privileged to be a part of that educational process. It is both hard work and a deep delight. Few things are more rewarding than seeing children flourish in a community of care, creativity, and constant challenge.

Grace and peace,
Peter Schuurman, Board Chair