The Pandemic from the Parents’ Perspective

For our family, the COVID-19 isolation time has generally been positive. The kids have managed pretty well with the online learning with a fair bit of support from part-time teacher, and less than full-time engineer Jake (Joan has been very busy with COVID-related work in healthcare). It feels like a real blessing that the school was already up-to speed on Google Classroom. Our experience has been that our teachers launched this process very well. The kids are great at getting around the Classroom. They love that every day has become pyjama day. The regular class GoogleMeet times are a highlight for the kids and the Canada Post delivery of the owl pellet dissection Gr. 2/3 project (“is it a vole leg, or a bird wing?”) was AMAZING!

We’ve had our challenges too: from the new experience of not getting much adult work done, to having each child/grade have different amounts of work which can create tension in our dining room classroom. And then the technology. At first we were pretty confident with our technology set-up. But a few weeks in it started to become evident that our 8-10 year old technology was introducing extra stress. Mrs. Burton’s suggestion to borrow a couple of ChromeBooks made life much better. And it is still a relief when Friday comes round.

Not being able to play with friends has been a disappointment for the kids. But lots of time with Mummy and Daddy has been a blessing, as has time playing together as siblings. Outdoor recess every day has been lovely when the weather is good.

While not ideal, we feel blessed that during this time we can participate in the learning journey with our kids and have teachers who continue to engage with the kids and bless them through their teaching and nurturing. Blessings to all of us as we journey together.

The DeBruyn Family