Needle, Needles and More Needles

My name is Aiden and I am 11 years old. I take a lot of needles. No wait, you’re not understanding me – I take A LOT of needles! I started taking them when I was 7 years old, which means I’ve already had over 1,380 needles! That’s not including blood work needles, IV needles, flu shots or vaccination needles. I have to take this many needles because I have growing problems. The needles put growth hormone into my body to help me grow better. Sometimes it’s hard to get needles every day, or to be the smallest kid in my class, or when I can’t do the things other kids do. One time I was very sad when I wanted to go on a waterslide with my younger sister and younger cousins and they were tall enough, but I wasn’t. But I like that I am unique and I want to help other kids who take needles. Getting needles isn’t very nice and I want to encourage anyone getting needles by sharing my ideas on how to get through needles. I like to find a distraction, use my ShotBlocker, plug my nose, count to 5, make funny noises and lots of other ways. Thank you for listening and I hope I helped you with your next needle.

Aiden P.

Grade 6