Mind the Gap

In September we started closing the gap in our school’s food cycle. Our hope was to start a composting program that would reduce our waste and simultaneously create fertilizer for our future edible classroom: the greenhouse. With only a brief introduction, classes started sorting waste and feeding a bin full of red wiggler worms. These worms have a reputation of being veracious feeders, composting food waste with tremendous efficiency. Worm castings, the worms’ poop, are rich in nitrogen and other fertilizing components that will certainly boost our greenhouse’s soil conditions.

During the Christmas holidays the school harvested its first batch of worm castings. Using a trommel, a worm roller coaster, we separated the remaining compostable material from the castings. Now we are left with several buckets of rich, organic fertilizer. We will be selling the castings to recover the costs of the program until the greenhouse is up and running.

Have a look at with video to watch the action and learn more.

If you would like to get involved with our Greenhouse Project or have any contacts or questions, please talk to Ivan (ivan.stam@guelphccs.ca) or Tanya (tanya.pennings@guelphccs.ca).