Membership Society

The membership in the Society is primarily comprised of current parents, former parents, former students, and other interested supporters.

Membership in the Society is not required to enroll at GCCS, nor is it automatic upon enrollment of one’s children. However, we encourage all parents who support the Christian mission and vision of the school to consider becoming Society members. Membership entitles members to participate and vote in the Spring and Fall General Business Meetings, at which some of the key decisions about school affairs are made. In addition, Society membership is required to be a member of the Board of Directors and to serve on most committees.

The main requirement for joining the Society is agreement with a statement of faith that encapsulates the Christian foundations of GCCS. Becoming a member in the Society requires an interview with the Membership Committee (standing committee of the Board). During the first year of enrolment, all parents will be contacted by the Membership Committee and asked if they would consider being interviewed. Prospective members will be asked about their personal faith commitment and practices as a means of determining if they will be able to support, preserve, and promote the faith-based foundation of the Society and of the school. Parents may accept or decline the invitation.

After the interview, the parents will be notified in writing if they have been accepted into membership. There is a membership fee of $25 per parent/member per year. This fee will be receipted for charitable tax deduction purposes.