I am thankful for……teachers who want to learn.

The next line may come as a shock to some of our Kindergarten students. “Your teacher does not have all of the answers and neither does the principal.”

The longer I work in education the more I realize that I have more to learn. You can be thankful that the staff at GCCS believes the same thing about themselves. This is a good thing. The teachers at this school believe they are lifelong learners.

To help with that lifelong learning process, our staff continues to take courses during the year or in the summer. We also spend time during the school year learning how to do things better as a school. Traditionally, the staff has gone to the annual Christian School Teacher’s Convention in Ancaster to engage in learning with other Christian school teachers. We took a different path to our learning this year, however.


Many new learning initiatives have been introduced to the staff over the last few and the staff expressed a desire to get better at them. As a result of this desire, a handful of staff went to the convention on Thursday, October 26th, while the rest of us stayed at school to learn more about Google Apps for Education and to take time experimenting and preparing some of these tools for use in their classrooms. On Friday, October 27th, all of the teachers were at school learning more about the MAPS assessment tool we are using and how to use this tool to provide the learning our students are currently ready for. These were rich experiences for the staff as they continue their work as lifelong learners for the benefit our our students.

Marvin Bierling