Therapy dog

Introducing Sydnie!

Sydnie’s Graduation Picture

November 16 marks a significant day in the GCCS calendar. This day marks the successful certification of our first four-legged staff member.

Sydnie came to GCCS with very few skills. She still had to learn her ‘sit’ command, yet her demeanour promised that she was a good candidate to work as a therapy dog. Sydnie was a champion conformity show dog, meeting the breed-specific requirements for a Labrador Retriever. Her owners, Tari and Wayne, have always focused on health and temperament in their breeding program at Bralex Labradors and this shows clearly in Sydnie.

We chose to certify with Companion Paws because of their connection with Jason Shute of Shute Balanced Dog Training.

Along with the Novice training course from Shute Balanced Dog Training, Barb Stronks (Student Services Coordinator) and Ivan Stam (grade 6 teacher) were certified to handle Sydnie as a Therapy dog through Companion Paws. In both obedience and Therapy testing, Sydnie scored 100% proving that she is perfect for her new career.


Miss Sydnie will spend her out-of-school hours with Mr. Stam, but she is excited to start spending her school hours with Mrs. Stronks in the link.