Hieke Klapwyk, Beloved JK Teacher, Begins a New Chapter

Guelph Community Christian School has been blessed to have Hieke Klapwyk with us since 2003. Hieke was instrumental in developing and growing the “Seedlings” program, now known as JK, at GCCS. Throughout her time with the school, hundreds of children and families have experienced the gentle loving touch of Hieke. Her patience, creativity, and organization have all led to her ability to find and develop the strengths of each child in her class. Hieke, the first one to arrive at school in the morning, clearly gives and invests greatly, both time and energy to the JK program and the children. As a staff we have appreciated the extra effort Hieke has put into the organization of GCCS’ 50th anniversary, hospitality events, the Sunshine Fund, Book Fair and so much more.

Hieke, as you move into retirement we, the staff, are excited that you will be able to spend time with your husband, Jack, enjoying your garden and your grandchildren.

Blessings, love and prayers go with you as you transition into this new Season of your life.

Dawn Pinson

Grade 1 Teacher

JK Graduation Day

I have always been amazed at Hieke’s ability to know where each student is at in her class and provide differentiated instruction for each. Her assessment tracking system also impressed me. She provides so many opportunities – just look at the number of centres in her classroom! I loved how she intertwined her Bible lessons with the monthly theme too. Her humble servant nature will be remembered. A favourite memory I have from own kids was the JK graduation ceremony and ice cream party.

Judy Jones, Grade 3 Teacher
Kindergarten Wing Team

Working in the next room gives a bird’s-eye view of a teacher in the challenges and joys of kindergarten life. I can honestly say that I have never known Hieke to raise her voice or become obviously frustrated with the JK students in her class. She is consistently calm, loving and nurturing to all of the children in her care. She is a model of grace! 

Sharon Putt, SK Teacher
Getting out on the farm at Zocalo Organics.

Hieke is grounded and calm. She delights in God’s detail in nature.

Jill Burton, Grade 5 Teacher
Celebrating Canada!

I love how creative Heike is! She is always on an adventure with her class, usually outdoors, to make learning real. I love it when they release balloons on top of the hill when they talk about ascension. I remember the adorable clown parade she used to have with her class. I also loved it when they little JKs knocked on our classroom doors at Christmastime, while searching for a “room” for Mary and baby Jesus.

Jan Klassen, Grade 3/2 Teacher

Hieke leads the staff in devotions that are reflective. She has inspired me to see meaning in so many places of creation and interaction. She let herself be vulnerable with us. She shared about her sudden loss of hearing that one day and she watched the journey of a miraculous recovery.  She testified of God’s power so diligently and let us all join her in it.

Tanya Pennings, Grade 4 Teacher and Vice Principal of Learning
The focus Hieke gives to life – on a guided painting experience with staff.