Deep roots

I am thankful for…..the roots that continue to send out new blooms.

I love gardening. I enjoy digging up areas of grass and creating a new look to the yard by adding, moving, and dividing plants which end up praising God with their interesting leaves and flowers.

If anyone has done any gardening, they know that you need good roots in order for new growth to occur. Young kids love to pull flowers and leaves off of a plant but soon enough these will wilt and die. On the other hand, you can dig up a healthy root, tuber, or bulb; plant it in the ground, and in the spring these roots will send out new growth and new flowers that will bloom and spread for years. We actually have a hosta in our yard right now whose roots we can trace back to my wife’s grandparents house of over 60 years ago.

These same roots go deep in the GCCS community as well. I have had the privilege of talking to a number of grandparents who are picking up their grandkids or coming to participate in a chapel and I am so thankful for the solid roots that these individuals have provided for their families. Many of these grandparents also sat on boards or committees years ago to start and maintain this Christian school. Many continue to help maintain the health of this school by praying for our staff, their grandchildren and providing donations of time or money to the school.

As a result of the strong roots in Christian education at GCCS I get to see the beautiful new growth of our current students and hear the thankful words from current and new families who are benefiting from this strong network of rootedness.

Regardless of how established your root system is at GCCS, please continue to nurture this gift of God by providing your time, talents, and treasures and enjoy watching this school, God’s school, bloom.

Marvin Bierling