Establishing a Lasting Legacy

This year we are celebrating the legacy of Christian education for the past 60 years at Guelph Community Christian School. We rejoice in our long history of providing Christ-centred learning and God’s faithfulness since we opened our doors in 1961.

I have had the blessing of working at GCCS since September 2000, when I started my teaching career at what was then known as John Calvin Christian School. It is hard to believe that my first class of grade 5’s are now in their early 30’s! Over the years since this picture was taken, I have enjoyed teaching in many of the classes at GCCS, but the highlight for me in the last decade, has been preparing the grade 8’s for the next steps in their educational journey as they head to high school. I am thankful that I have been a part of this 60-year journey as a staff member. Every teacher at GCCS is dedicated to fulfilling our mission and vision. They care about each student as a person and create a place of belonging in our school community for everyone. The staff want to see each child flourish as a child of God both in our school and beyond.

When I reflect on my years as a staff member, I have many fond memories. My favourite day of the year is our annual track and field day. I remember being at our old school building on Water Street and enjoying track and field events in the morning and an afternoon focused on team challenges and the slow bike ride! Today, I am grateful for the amazing 10 acres of property that we have for track and field day. I love this day because it is all about community! I love seeing the students face challenges, apply grit, encourage each other, and laugh together. I love seeing the parents sharing stories together, helping with events, and supporting all students. There are many other great memories I have from my years at GCCS like the former bazaar, parking lot parties, musicals and plays, skate-a-thons, staff socials, sports events, class trips, and so much more! GCCS is a special school!

I have had the honour of sending my own children to GCCS. I have seen my son and daughter grow in their walk with their Lord, in their learning, and in their character because of the nurturing, educating, and inspiring that takes place at GCCS. We have been blessed to have caring teachers that have shared God’s love with them in authentic ways. They have enjoyed strong friendships, grown spiritually through chapels and devotions, and have been able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. God is at work in this amazing school!

I am grateful for the vision of Christian Education our founding members had when they opened the school doors in 1961. Since that time, we have been able to unite as parents, church, and school to have a positive impact on students for 60 years. My prayer is that we continue to establish a lasting legacy for GCCS as we nurture, educate, and inspire students in Christ-centered learning and serving for another 60 years and beyond! To God be the glory!

Jody Scheerer
Interim Principal