The Christian school understands that discipline is consistent with the kind of love that has as its goal:
– Individually, the preservation and development of God’s image (Christ-likeness) in the child; and,
– Corporately, the maintaining of an environment which fosters the above individual goal and which facilitates learning.

The behaviour we seek to promote is consistent with Christ’s summary of the law:

Love God with all your heart, mind and strength,
and love your neighbour as yourself.

In the institutional setting, we can best characterize love by respect.

  • Respect for God governs our use of language – profanity is strictly forbidden; also the students are expected to obey those God has placed in authority over them.
  • Respect for others, as God’s image-bearers, governs our words and actions toward others. Positively, students are expected to set a Christ-like example for each other.
  • Respect for ourselves, as God’s image-bearers, governs our use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, immodest clothing, etc. It also establishes that self-discipline is a sign of maturity and that, not being animals, we make choices and accept the consequences.

When situations occur, the staff will act in such a way as to regain order. We work with the wrongdoers effectively and fittingly, keeping in mind that we seek to have the child confess, repent, forgive, and reconcile with whomever has been wronged. The corrective action must be appropriate to the maturity of the child and the nature of the infraction. Every attempt will be made to intervene quickly and correctively. It must be clear to the child why he/she is being challenged and how to re-establish his/her relationship with his/her classmates and/or teacher.

Ms. Pennings,
Interim Principal