Grade 3 playing recorders

I am Thankful for….The culture of music at GCCS

This article continues with the theme of appreciating the great aspects of GCCS that we sometimes take for granted.

A number of years ago a fellow principal made the comment that he was unsure of what heaven would be like. One item he was sure of, though, is that there was going to be quite a bit of music in heaven. He made sure to also mention that this was not the type of music played by a cherub sitting on a cloud playing a harp. As a result of his thinking he promoted the various aspects of the music program at his school so that his students could catch some glimpses of heaven right now and to get in some good practice for when Christ returned.

As I did a quick survey of references to music in the Bible I noticed that there are 115 references to the word sing, 77 references to the word song, and 90 references to the word music. Almost all of them are used at times when God’s people are praising Him.

I am convinced that I catch glimpses of God’s Kingdom when I hear the music in our school. This shows up when a class is joyfully banging out rhythms with drumsticks on pails, when a class is warming up their instruments before a band class, during a quick performance of a newly learned recorder song by grade 3 for an audience of one principal, and during the almost weekly 15-20 Friday singing chapels where students lift their voices and hands in praise to our Lord and Saviour.

Let us never take this beautiful gift of music for granted as we get warmed up for eternity.