I am Thankful for….The culture of hospitality at GCCS

Welcome to another school year. I love September. School starts and students and parents have a renewed energy and excitement for new beginnings, fresh starts, and the continuation of growth started last school year.

As the incoming principal, I was asked to speak last May at the annual Spring Membership Meeting. Two parts of this speech were encouragements to all of us to have a sharp eye out for the vision of the school and to keep a sharp eye on the great things that are going on at the school that we sometimes forget to celebrate because they become so normal. Being so new to this school I feel that I am in the unique position to appreciate many of amazing things going on here at GCCS that some people may have started to take for granted.

Over the last two weeks I have been so encouraged by the welcoming spirit of the parents and students of GCCS. I know many of the new families and it is wonderful to see these parents and students talking with the new families and then for these new families to share with me that they are feeling welcomed. This is Christ’s work in action in the form of hospitality and community building and it is alive and well here at GCCS.

Before we pat ourselves on the back too quickly though, let me challenge all of the families to introduce themselves to at least one other family they don’t know yet. Both of you may have been in the school for many years or maybe you are both new. Initially, this can be an awkward moment but soon you will realize that both of you have a common desire to see kids learn and become active members of God’s kingdom. You will be blessed in these moments and you will also be a blessing to others as we continue to grow a culture of hospitality at GCCS.

Marvin Bierling