Committee Service in the Middle of a Pandemic

This summer I had the chance to be one of the parents on the GCCS Safe Return to School Committee. The committee met several times over the summer, first via Google Meets and then in person when we were closer to the start of the school year.

It was certainly a labour of love as we spent many hours working together to create and refine the plans to keep our kids healthy and allow them to continue to grow in Christ-centered education. I was very grateful for the group of people on the committee, which included Mr. Bierling, two teachers (Mrs. Scheerer and Mrs. Pinson), two board members (Adam Pear- son and Jeff Hubbard), and four parents (Carroll Chapman, Sabrina Oland, Donna Petherick, and myself).

There was a great mix of expertise represented in the group, including those who had been involved in implementing COVID-related procedures in their own workplaces, those familiar with medical and scientific literature, and of course those who knew how to teach kids! One of the challenges was keeping up-to-date with constantly evolving public health recommendations. Thankfully Mr. Bierling was able to have regular contact with public health officials in Guelph who were very supportive.

On a personal note, I was grateful for the opportunity to get to know some other members of the GCCS community and look forward to continuing to interact with them.

Let’s pray that we are able to continue learning in-person for the school year, and give thanks to God for the faithfulness of the staff at GCCS who have implemented the steps needed for the school’s safe reopening.