Praying woman

I am thankful for…….chances to pray.

I toured a family through the school recently. This family is interested in having their children attend GCCS. I was asked many good questions during the tour and they sent me more questions via email. Here is one of the emailed questions;

“I also wonder if any parents get together regularly to pray for the school, children and staff?”

My answer was as follows;

“I love the prayer question. On Tuesday mornings after the kids are dropped off we have “Praying with the Principal” and a small group of parents get together with me to pray for the school, children, and staff.”

The answer that came back was a simple;


How often do we say, “Awesome!” when we have a chance to pray with and for others? Hopefully, often.

We should be overjoyed to know that this school, its students, the parents, and the staff are prayed for often. Here are a few of the people and circumstances in which the school is being prayed for:

  • 5 times a week the staff gathers as a full group or in smaller divisions to pray for this school.
  • Parents are praying for this school at home.
  • Grandparents are praying for this school.
  • Teachers are praying with students.
  • Students are praying in their classes.
  • Church members are praying.
  • Pastors are praying
  • Our Tuesday morning “Praying with the Principal” group is praying–feel free to join us.
  • Graduates are praying.
  • Parents and their family members who are considering enrolling their children are praying.
  • Former staff members are praying

Please join in and pray for this school, God’s school. That would be Awesome!

Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees. ~ Corrie Ten Boom