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The Bible is God’s Word to His people and He chose to give us his Word in the form of a story – a story of God’s acts and words that culminated in the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. His people have been telling and retelling this story for thousands of years. When students are immersed in this wonderful, true story, they begin to understand who they are, where they have come from, and what their lives are all about.

Instructional Philosophy for Teaching Bible


In the primary grades, the Bible stories are presented orally in a variety of ways: use of books, flannel-graph stories and telling the stories. Songs to accompany the story are often learned by the students. As the students acquire writing skills, they keep a Bible notebook as a follow up to the lessons. Each grade also learns memory work best suited to the Bible unit being taught. The evaluation of memory work is mostly oral in the primary level.



At the junior level, the Bible units are teacher directed by telling the story or examining the literary styles found in God’s Word. Class discussions are an important part of Bible teaching at this level. Following the lesson, students will do follow-up work such as

  • written questions and answers
  • individual projects and assignments
  • group projects
  • role playing in drama presentations

Memory work is learned in conjunction with each unit.


Grade 7

In grade 7 the students take notes, either from teacher directed lessons or textbook assignments. New material may be linked to the familiar through visual aids such as time lines or maps, or discussions about modern politics between countries to draw parallels to the political situation in Israel and Judah in Bible times. There is lots of scripture reading at this level and some of the techniques might involve

  • choral reading by the whole class or small groups
  • individuals reading a few verses in succession
  • dramatic readings using roles of a narrator and other characters in the passage


Grade 8

The focus in grade 8 is on building a personal relationship with the Lord. Students are encouraged to commit to the Lord as a personal choice and to recognize that He is in control of their lives and the decisions that they make. The students identify the Christian worldview to that of the world they live in by exploring and comparing various forms of media. They spend time reflecting on their faith through prayer, large and small group sharing, projects, etc. Students also spend time exploring the scriptures and recognizing God’s hand in the lives of His children both in the past and present.

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